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  • 1 Cyber Security Breach Per Day Since 2006
  • $1 Trillion in Damages
  • $200+ Cost Per Compromised Record

Every day there are headlines about hackers staging attacks on prominent retail chains, hotels, or restaurants. Global criminal gangs are stealing sensitive customer information, crashing websites, and wreaking havoc on their victims’ reputations and financial viability. As a franchise executive, in-house counsel or franchise attorney, what can you do about it?

The Cyber Security Experts of Franchise Technology Risk Management, a unit of Franchise Valuations Ltd. will work with you to assess your vulnerabilities and recommend practical steps you can take to keep your company’s vital information systems secure. Here are some of the questions you should be asking to learn about your risks.

Some of the ways FTRM can strengthen your franchise’s data security profile:

Risk Evaluation – Health Check of Your Data Security Program
  • FTRM Data Security Self Assessment – Identify what’s missing from your current security posture.
  • Expert Vulnerability Scanning – Once is not enough. Regular reviews are essential to detect changes in your IT environment that can open your system up to new vulnerabilities.
  • Data Security War Game – An exercise to test if your company can handle a cyber attack or respond to a data breach
Risk Assessments – A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Identify gaps in your vendor management, remote access controls, internal controls, and platform security.
  • Develop solutions to help prevent and mitigate these risks.
Penetration Testing – Simulated Attack of Your Technology Infrastructure
  • Web Applications
  • Wireless Networks
  • Infrastructure Flaws
Information Security Policy and Procedures Review
  • Security Monitoring Programs
  • Vulnerability/Patch Management Processes
Security Training and Awareness
  • The human factor is the weakest link in any Data Security Program.
  • Design and implement a custom curriculum to train your staff in security best practices.
  • Incident Response Planning
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