Franchise Valuations, Ltd

The leading authority on issues unique to our practice - valuations and damages, expert testimony, tax nexus reviews, cyber crime analysis and succession planning for franchise, dealer and distributor companies

We work for franchisors, franchisees and regulators. Some of our recent engagements have included:

  • Pre-litigation damages assessments for Plaintiffs and Defendants (how much are you really fighting over)
  • Valuation of a franchise system for tax purposes (for the IRS)
  • Intangible Property Valuations for inter-company pricing or contribution to Intangible Property Holding companies (IPHCs)
  • Determining Fair Value (or Appraisal Rights) in an oppressed shareholder situation
  • Determining whether alleged behavior constitutes tax fraud in violation of "obey all laws" clauses in franchise agreements
  • Valuations and discount computations of franchises for gift and estate tax purposes
  • Nexus audits of potential income and sales tax liability for multi-state franchisors

Genuine experts in franchise valuation are rare. This article from Business Appraisal Practice, "Why Valuing Franchise Businesses is Different from Valuing Other Businesses" explains why it's important for appraisers to have franchise-specific knowledge.

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