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Franchise Valuations & Damages, Succession Planning, Tax Nexus Reviews & More

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The leading authority on the issues unique to our practice – valuations and damages, expert testimony, and succession planning for franchise, dealer, and distributor companies.

Our clients include franchisors, franchisees, and regulators. Some of our recent engagements have included:

  • Pre-litigation damages assessments for plaintiffs and defendants (how much are you fighting over?)
  • Expert testimony re damages in wrongful termination and lost future royalties cases
  • Valuation of franchise systems for tax purposes
  • Valuation of multiple unit operators
  • Succession planning for franchisors and franchisees
  • Determining fair value (or appraisal rights) in oppressed shareholder situations
  • Valuations and discount computations of franchises for gift and estate tax purposes
  • Rebutting damages claims for plaintiffs and defendants
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