Selected Franchise Valuations Publications

Franchise Regulations and Damages, (co-author with Byron E. Fox), Wolters Kluwer, 2005 (updated 3 times annually).

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Focused Expertise – Daubert in Franchise Litigation (co-author with Natalma (Tami) McKnew and Ted Pearce), Franchise Law Journal, 2021.

Challenges to the Admissibility of Expert Financial Testimony: 2005-2008,” (co-author with Susan Ogulnick and Sara Anne Schaeffer), Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2008.

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Damages for Lost Future Profits in Franchise Disputes – Overcoming the New Business Rule and Establishing Reasonable Certainty (co-author with Carmen D. Caruso), Franchise Law Journal, 2016.

Current Damages Issues In Franchise Disputes: Lost Future Royalties and the Value of a Terminated Franchise, Dunn on Damages, 2012.


Succession Planning for Franchisees (co-author with K. Eli Akhavan), Franchise Law Journal, 2017.

Baby Boomers in Franchising: Exit and Succession Planning, Franchising World, 2013.

Franchises and FLPs: Looking at the Benefits and Possible Problems That Franchisees Face, LJN’s Franchising Business & Law Alert, 2002.


State and Local Taxation of Franchisor Income: They Are Out to Get You! Franchising World, 2003.

The Cost of Acquisition of Franchises - Canterbury v. Commissioner, Business Franchise Guide, 1992.


Why Valuing Franchise Businesses is Different from Valuing Other Businesses, (co-author with Susan Ogulnick), Business Appraisal Practice, 2008.

Valuation of Intangible Assets in Franchise Companies and Multinational Groups,” (co-author with Susan J. Robins), Franchise Law Journal, 2008.

Franchise Valuations: When Character Isn’t Enough,” Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, 1998.